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About School

Статья добавлена 01/January/1970

About School


Self-defense Martial Arts School "Bong Dem Long" (Night Dragon's Shade) is a system of active self-defense and health improvement based on Vietnamese clan schools.

Just as most  Vietnamese systems descending from Indian and then Chinese roots, this system has become integral nowadays, i.e. it has combined most accessible and effective methods from different directions based on "all styles" principle. The term "Vat-Jitsu" is translated as "The Art of Struggle", "The Art of Active Victory Techniques". 

The first period of School development falls on the early seventies when Vietnamese masters came to us. Teaching a limited number of students, they brought unseen flexibility, naturalness of martial Vietnamese exercises. Clan (family) school emphasized the practice of a lot of formal complexes.  These formal complexes helped to develop faculties necessary for a warrior.

The second period starts with the interpretation of the initial information under the guidance of spiritual Teachers. Thanks to them concentration and ruggedness were adopted to School main principles what made it more comprehensible and accessible to people in our region. Gradually there developed practical aspect of training, traditional martial weapons were introduced – 18 kinds – a short stick, a monk staff, a post, a spear, a halberd, a trident, a sword, a sabre, archery, etc. There was included the study and use of health improvement Vietnamese system “Zyong Shin”. It was decided to name School “Bong Dem Long”. Then followed a sad period when karate masters as well as Vietnamese, Chinese and other masters were persecuted. School continued to develop even in these conditions without breaking the line of physical and spiritual perfection.

The third period of development falls on the middle of the nineties when there appeared attestation of students for Black Belt Master’s Level and expanding teaching at the international level and attestation according to the International Art Budo Association. Because of this, the attestation began taking place in public, what led to the increase of the Black Belts’ prestige. The competent Dang-Colleague attest and certify the Black Belts once a year in autumn in the presence of hundreds of students and viewers. It helps to maintain the level of Black Belts and prevents them from awarding lifelong level.

School has got ten student’ levels (KAP) and ten master’s (DANG). A student studies stage-by-stage from a white belt (1-4 stages) to a blue belt (5-7 stages) and a brown belt (8-9 stages) and to a master’s level of Black Belt.

The highest level is DANG 10 – a white belt. It symbolizes a new level of technique and spiritual comprehension, starting again with a student’s level. The highest present level has been awarded by the International Martial Arts Association to the Head of the School Gvozdyov S.A. This level together with the Budo Doctor’s Degree are available only on condition that one is expanding School at universities and other institutions of higher education. Gvozdyov S.A. expanded School at Zhenskiy Institut “Envila” during five years where the educational program was approved and certified by the Ministry of Education. The students were broadcasted on different channels.

During the examination students demonstrate basic self-defense techniques (long-range combat strokes and pinning holds), throwing techniques (close and mid-range combat), they show concentration level by breaking wooden board and brick. Then they perform combinations of practical techniques and show complexes with weapons and without. A student has to demonstrate the level of stances, strokes, a rhythm and a form of formal exercises within time limits. There are also tests in health improvement and philosophy sections. .  

Besides an annual Dang-Colleague which is presented by the most competent martial arts masters of inner and outer directions there are other events such as Spring Outdoor Event (Surviving School), different tournaments where students demonstrate complexes (TAOLU), festivals. Different books and literature are printed. There exists a distance education for enthusiasts studying active self-defense in remote regions in CIS. There was formed the first elite Black Belt Club “TEISATSU”. School has got a lot of branches in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine.

Our School is constantly transforming without remaining in yesterday's positions, keeping up to date on the progress, new knowledge and discoveries. It is expanding all the time what is the evidence of the right tactic choice and development strategy in an infinite and wonderful martial arts path  – Budō. 


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Minsk Department: +375 (29) 570-60-88, +375 (17) 295-28-78, email - bongdemlong@mail.ru, instructor -  Gvozdyov Sergey Aleksandrovitch  
Gomel Department: +375 (33) 615-06-90, email - lunmen@mail.ru, instructor - Bruevitch Nikolai