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Main Page Blog - About School

Статья добавлена 01/January/1970

Main Page Blog - About School

Self-defense Martial Arts School "Bong Dem Long" (Night Dragon's Shade) is a system of active self-defense and health improvement based on Vietnamese clan schools.

Just as most  Vietnamese systems descending from Indian and then Chinese roots, this system has become integral nowadays, i.e. it has combined most accessible and effective methods from different directions based on "all styles" principle. 

The term "Vat-Jitsu" is translated as "The Art of Struggle", "The Art of Active Victory Techniques". 

Our School is constantly transforming without remaining in yesterday's positions, keeping up to date on the progress, new knowledge and discoveries. It is expanding all the time what is the evidence of the right tactic choice and development strategy in an infinite and wonderful martial arts path  – Budō


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Minsk Department: +375 (29) 570-60-88, +375 (17) 295-28-78, email - bongdemlong@mail.ru, instructor -  Gvozdyov Sergey Aleksandrovitch  
Gomel Department: +375 (33) 615-06-90, email - lunmen@mail.ru, instructor - Bruevitch Nikolai